The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

3 months ago By Richard Cresswell


Lost a member of staff, facing a skills shortage or have big plans to expand your practice? Recruiting the talent you need directly can be tough, which...

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Government proposes 3% NHS pay rise – but what will this mean in real terms for dental workers?

6 months ago By Richard Cresswell


The UK Government recently announced a new and improved pay rise proposal of 3% for NHS workers. This is an increase on the initial 1%...

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The Cost Of High Staff Turnover In Dental Practices

6 months ago By Richard Cresswell


Working in Dentistry, you are no doubt very aware of the increasingly high staff turnover in the sector, with unnecessary numbers of resignations or dismissals,...

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Five Ways To Overcome Skills Shortages In Your Dental Practice

7 months ago By Janine Greyling


Dental Practices stand or fall on the quality of their people – and if your Dental Practice can’t recruit enough Dental staff with the right...

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Dental nurse salaries in the UK – what can you expect to earn as a new starter?

8 months ago By Richard Cresswell


If you’re thinking of a career as a dental nurse, you’ll need to do your homework first – to work out whether or not this...

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Black Lives Matter: Remembering Nurse Mary Seacole

over 1 year ago By Jesse Rashley


In light of the turbulent events of the last few weeks that reflect the inequalities of hundreds of years, it has never been more vital...

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200 years of Florence Nightingale: What did she teach us?

over 1 year ago By Jesse Rashley


Dear Reader, As many of you may already be aware, it is International Nurses Day next week which marks 200 years since Florence Nightingale was...

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Coronavirus - Financial Help for Self-Employed Hygienists

almost 2 years ago By Richard


The Government has now announced financial support measures for the self-employed to combat loss of income due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here's What We Know:...

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Returning to work after maternity leave

almost 2 years ago By Jennifer Price


Returning to work after maternity leave As I am about to return to work myself after taking a full year off with my second baby,...

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Why use a recruitment agency?

about 2 years ago By Jennifer Price


Why use a recruitment agency? You are the manager or owner of a dental practice and you come into work to find that dreaded letter/email....

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Dental Nurses: Why they are the ultimate unsung heroes

about 2 years ago By Jennifer Price


Why they are the ultimate unsung heroes It’s been an eight-hour day, you’ve had back-to-back patients, you’re running 30 minutes late and the last patient...

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Reasons for not accepting a counter offer

over 2 years ago By Arash Khanjani


REASONS FOR NOT ACCEPTING A COUNTER OFFER 1. The same circumstances that now cause you to consider a change will repeat themselves in the future,...

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How Temping as a Dental Nurse led to me becoming a Hygienist

over 2 years ago By Fahinma Begum


Fahima’s story Here at DRN we have proudly been working with Fahima for 7 years now. Fahima won our ‘Temp Nurse of the year award’...

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Career Development through Education

almost 3 years ago By Shannon Clark


Career Development through Education We understand people. Your experience, qualifications and career aspirations are unique. Through DRN’s personalised service, we get to know each and...

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Retention Rates and Realising Success!

over 3 years ago By Richard


Running a successful dental practice that is exceptional in oral health treatments, boasts an extensive knowledge of new and existing procedures, and uses high quality...

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Why the patient experience is fundamental to the success of your dental business

over 4 years ago By Richard


New blog post from our friends, Clear Vision! Ready for a business key measurement? According to Harvard Business School, there is one key measurement in business: How likely...

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The nature and beauty of improving KPIs…

almost 5 years ago By Richard


We would like to help you discover how KPIs drive the growth and success of your dental business. This is why we are happy to...

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UK Dental Salary Survey 2016

about 5 years ago By Richard


Do you want to know where your salary compares in the UK dental job market? The Dental Recruit Network is proud to have conducted one of largest...

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

about 5 years ago By Edith


Don’t judge a book by its cover – Giving a chance to over-qualified candidates Since the recession it became a common dilemma that many applicants have...

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5 things employees want from their employers

over 5 years ago By Richard


One of the biggest challenge facing business owners and HR personnel is answering the question, “How can I attract and retain the best talent possible?”...

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Rise in temporary workers set to continue

over 5 years ago By Richard


Rise in temporary workers set to continue A recent survey of hiring intentions indicated that the growth of temporary workers is six-times higher than total...

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What do we do for our staff?

almost 6 years ago By RIchard


The key thing to remember is that people spend more time at work than they do at home. There is a general theme that Dental...

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Top 5 reasons to consider Temping!

about 6 years ago By Richard


With the high demands of permanent employment these days, it is no wonder that the temping market is in high demand. With factors such as...

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Why Dental Nurses should be involved in the interview process

about 6 years ago By Richard


Survey – 2,000+ took part Firstly, we would like to thank all of those who took part in our “Dental practice interview” survey that we...

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