Why use a recruitment agency?


Why use a recruitment agency? You are the manager or owner of a dental practice and you come into work to find that dreaded letter/email....

Why use a recruitment agency?

You are the manager or owner of a dental practice and you come into work to find that dreaded letter/email. One of your best members of staff has just handed in their notice.

You could try and counter offer them to keep them there but the likelihood is if they have made the decision to leave in the first place, they will only do the same in 6 months.

It’s ok though right? They’ve given you a months notice, that’s ages! But is it? No it isn’t, the process to find the right member of staff can be a lengthy and time consuming process, which, let’s face facts, most busy practice managers and practice owners could really do without.

This is why it is so beneficial to use a recruitment consultant who specialises in the type of candidates you are looking for and here are some key reasons why.

Access to the best candidates

Recruitment agencies have the best access to job seekers on the market and people who are actively looking for a new position are more likely to register with a recruitment agency. We also have the resources to post positions on various platforms in a way that ranks highly in a candidates job search.

Job specification

In a niche market such at dental, requirements can be quite specific. Using a recruitment agency means you will only receive CVs for candidates that are qualified for the role.

Saves time

Using a recruitment consultant will vastly reduce the time and resources that you need to dedicate to the recruitment process which should mean filling your role should be a quicker and smoother process.

Additional services

As a recruitment consultant, we will check those extra things such and qualifications and registrations needed for the role are in place before you see the candidate.

Experts in our sector

Having all come from the dental industry we are experts at qualifying candidates. This will assure that you are only sent candidates suitable for your role.

National job boards

We will improve the recruitment process through having direct access to national job boards. Negotiating your own contracts with job boards can be time consuming and costly. We will also know which ones are best to reach the best candidates for you position.


The time consuming job of reading through CVs and shortlisting candidates is done for you so you only see candidates who are qualified for you position.

Salary benchmarking knowledge

If you have a role and you are unsure what the correct salary should be, we are ideally placed to you the accurate market rates using our extensive knowledge of the market.

To summarise, using a recruitment consultant to assist you in the recruitment process is cost effective and saves your practice manager a lot of valuable time and resources.