Dental nurse salaries in the UK – what can you expect to earn as a new starter?

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If you’re thinking of a career as a dental nurse, you’ll need to do your homework first – to work out whether or not this...

If you’re thinking of a career as a dental nurse, you’ll need to do your homework first – to work out whether or not this is the right role for you.

One of the first things to check is the average salary for dental nurse jobs in the UK, so you can make sure the figures stack up.

After all, even the most dedicated dental nurse needs to be able to pay the bills. It’s a bonus if you love your work and really care about your patients, but you still need to be properly compensated for your hard work.

So, let’s take a look at average dental nurse salaries in the UK, for both the public and private sector. This could help you work out whether this is the career for you, or at least be the first step towards an exciting new job opportunity.

Average UK dental nurse salaries in 2021

As dental nurses can work for the NHS, private sector and for agencies, the typical annual salary can vary. A trainee dental nurse will usually earn at least £17,000, and will often train for further qualifications on the job.

According to the government’s National Career Service website, the average starting salary for dental nursing jobs is £19,737. This rises up to £30,615 with experience. In both cases, the average working week is 37 to 40 hours, with a potential for evening and weekend work.

The average base salary for a dental nurse in 2021 is around £22,000 to £25,000.

Dental professionals working for the NHS may also gain access to impressive benefits such as a generous pension package, maternity/paternity leave and sick pay.

If you choose to move into a specialist area, such as orthodontics, radiography, sedation or cosmetic dentistry, your annual salary could increase.

Dental nurse pay rates can also be affected by location. For example, if you work in London you can expect to earn a higher salary than other parts of the UK.

Dental nurse jobs with an agency – how much could I earn?

Dental nurses are not always as well paid as they should be. This is a role which often involves long hours, a depth of knowledge and a great deal of patience. Dental nurses are caring, calm in an emergency and a good one can pretty much read a dentist’s mind.

But despite this, some sources estimate that the average salary for a dental nurse is a whopping 16% lower (around £4,600 a year) lower than the national average salary in the UK.

This is why many dental nurses choose to work in the private sector. And for even more flexibility and the chance to greatly increase their earnings, there are dental nurse jobs with an agency. These typically offer much higher hourly rates, and the chance to gain experience in high-end and renowned dental practices.

Specialist agencies such as Dental Recruit Network match dental professionals with the perfect temporary and permanent roles within London and the UK.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, one which properly compensates you for your skill and hard work – register now and start searching hundreds of jobs.