Career Development through Education

18 Mar 11:00 by Shannon Clark

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Career Development through Education

We understand people. Your experience, qualifications and career aspirations are unique. Through DRN’s personalised service, we get to know each and every person, we listen carefully to their specific requirements, and provide a personalised service to fit them to the right role at the right employer at the right time. This is the key to our success.
It is proven additional training in your field will help you take the next step in your career and push you to the front of the queue for your next role.

Why should I take these additional courses?

Today, competition is fierce and dental employers want candidates who not only excel at their work, but who are versatile and are willing to grow as they grow their businesses. To make yourself standout in this crowded marketplace, earn a promotion, or a pay rise, you need to take control of your career and gain additional skills and experience.

How else can this benefit my career?

Networking! Education Programme will provide you with many opportunities to network with your classmates and instructors - people with influence in the industry that might just be your future boss or colleague.

Where do I find relevant courses?

I recently met Alison Steadward who runs Dawood and Tanner Academy .The  Academy is a leading national provider of training for the dental team. They offer courses enabling extended duties certification for dental nurses and administrators as well as specialist courses for dentists and hygiene therapists.
Their tutors ensure that all course contents are stimulating and user-friendly, in fact some of their courses like topical anaesthetic and rubber dam, we couldn’t find anywhere else. Courses are delivered through lectures, hands-on and one to one sessions. They also teach the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing as an online course which has been a great success, especially for nurses outside the London area.
A reputation built, not only through student success but recognising the value that dental nurses bring to their practice and patients, they are continually growing and developing courses to empower nurses.

Hop over to the Dawood and Tanner Academy website and select you next course today!