The benefits of working with a recruitment agency

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Lost a member of staff, facing a skills shortage or have big plans to expand your practice? Recruiting the talent you need directly can be tough, which...

Lost a member of staff, facing a skills shortage or have big plans to expand your practice? Recruiting the talent you need directly can be tough, which is why many dental practices choose to use specialist recruitment agencies.  


Here are just a handful of the many persuasive reasons to consider using one… 


Fill roles faster – and get the right fit, first time 


The major benefit of working with a recruitment agency is speed. If you lose one of your best people unexpectedly, you’ll need a replacement fast. Starting up the recruitment process yourself can take time and resources, from drafting a job ad to advertising the role, shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews. 


But an agency like Dental Recruit Network is ready to hit the ground running. An agency may already have suitable candidates on its books, with a ready-to-hire pool of hygienists, nurses, technicians, therapists, receptionist or dentists. If not, they’ll know just where to look to find them. This makes it much faster and smoother to fill the tole.  


Along with speed, working with a recruitment agency usually leads to a better quality result. Rather than having a long list of unsuitable applicants to work through, an agency will only pass on fully qualified candidates with the skill set you’re looking for. Just as importantly, they’ll be a good fit for the culture and ethos of your organisation.   


Save your practice time and money 


The faster you can fill a role, the cheaper the recruitment process will be. And considering that the average cost of filling a role in the UK is around £3,000, it’s crucial to improve cost-efficiency wherever possible.  


With an agency, you won’t have to handle any of the admin or paperwork. This can be quite time-consuming, especially when it comes to advertising roles, checking CVs, screening candidates and putting together shortlists.  


With an agency taking care of all the legwork, you can focus on running your practice. Think of it as placing an order, and having a brilliant new team member delivered right to your door. 


Sector-specific expertise  


When it comes to filling roles at your practice, not just any recruitment agency will do. You ideally need someone who really understands the dental sector and your particular organisation – whether public or private.  


This specialist expertise is crucial, especially in a highly skilled, niche sector like dental. An expert can make sure that candidates exactly match your desired profile in terms of skills and qualifications. They’ll also have salary benchmarking knowledge, ensuring you set the most competitive and accurate salary for each role.   


Wide candidate networks 


Last but just as importantly, recruitment agencies have extensive networks of candidates and clients. What does this mean for your practice? In a nutshell, it means access to the best candidates.  


Specialist recruiters like DRN work hard to maintain a pool of passive and active candidates, who are among the best in their respective fields. We also have direct access to national job boards, along with professional networks and boards that most dental practices wouldn’t be able to find when recruiting directly.  


Have a role to fill? Get in touch with the DRN team now to tell us who you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest.