UK Dental Salary Survey 2016

08 Dec 06:00 by Richard


Do you want to know where your salary compares in the UK dental job market?

The Dental Recruit Network is proud to have conducted one of largest dental salary surveys across the UK. Our 2016 Dental Salary Survey was participation based and drew anonymous data to help you measure your current salary against your job role by region or if you are an employer, it’s an ideal tool for benchmarking your team’s salary to the current market rate.

Our previous salary survey is from 2013 and you will find the results in the blog section. If we compare the 2013 and 2016 results, we can generally say that the dental nurse, dental receptionist and practice manager salaries have dropped, while the hygienist and associate dentist ones have risen.

As for regions, dental salaries in East Midlands and East of England have generally risen while salaries on the other part of the UK has dropped. As for London, the salaries of dental professionals in general have dropped. One of the reasons is the high competition among dental practices and dental professionals and the rising supply of dental services. A research conducted by BDA had shown that one-third of dental practice owners believe that the dental market in their area is overcrowded.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has filled out our questionnaire, and we are looking forward to see the changes and trends in 2017!

UK Dental Salary Survey 2016