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It only felt like yesterday (actually 34 years ago) that my name was picked out of a hat to present the Queen with a book...

It only felt like yesterday (actually 34 years ago) that my name was picked out of a hat to present the Queen with a book our school had made to celebrate her birthday. 


To say I was made up, was an understatement.


I won't pretend to remember the event in all its detail (I was only 6 at the time), but I do remember her making me feel very relaxed as she admired my Thomas the tank engine top.


Whether you are monarchist or not, I think we can all agree that she was dedicated to a life of service and was working right up to the very end.


She tirelessly championed nurses and nursing issues.  


Although bitter sweet, some of us were fortunate to witness Charles' accession which happened to take place just below our office.


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Her passing sparked a flood of grief nationwide, as the Royal Family and members of the public mark the death of the UK’s long-reigning monarch.


The queen died yesterday at Balmoral, Scotland, following an earlier announcement that she was under medical supervision.


A monarch who devoted more than 70 years to her duty and service, her passing marks a moment of historical significance both within and outside the UK.


In an obituary written by Stephen Bates, it spoke of the nation’s unwavering respect for her commitment to the country.


It read: ‘[She] won and retained the affection, loyalty and support of the overwhelming majority of the British public, who respected her for her diligence and sense of duty’.


Condolences and tributes continue to roll in. Here, we look at how dentistry is remembering the UK’s oldest and longest-serving sovereign. 

Dentistry tributes


‘The British Dental Association, on behalf of the UK’s 42,000 dentists, extends our sincere condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of our Royal Patron, Her Majesty The Queen.’ – the British Dental Association.


‘We would like to express our great sadness at the news that Queen Elizabeth II has died. We deeply admired her sense of state and duty and her dedication to serving the people of the UK and the Commonwealth.


‘Our chair, Lord Toby Harris, has shared his thoughts: “As a member of the House of Lords I had the great privilege of watching Queen Elizabeth II participate in formal matters of state. I have admired and respected her loyal service and dedication as our monarch for the past 70 years. We send our heartfelt sympathies to the Royal Family.” Our condolences are with the King, the Queen Consort and the Royal Family.’ – the General Dental Council.



‘Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. An epitome of kindness, humility, selfless service and determination. An inspiration till the very end.’ – Dr Reena Wadia, principal of RW Perio.