Don’t judge a book by its cover

13 Nov 06:00 by Edith


Don’t judge a book by its cover – Giving a chance to over-qualified candidates

Since the recession it became a common dilemma that many applicants have vastly more experience than is required. Although in theory no-one should be dismissed for a role for being over-qualified, in reality, many candidates will not be considered because of subjective assumptions about why they are applying and how committed they will be.

The advice

According to the HR Director of a well-know recruitment company, dismissing these over-qualified candidates is not good business sense.

The current marketplace is extremely competitive and there is a pool of highly qualified workers – ranging from graduates to those who may have lost their jobs in recent years and used that as an opportunity re-evaluate their careers –  available for positions and their experience can support your business’s talent program and their enthusiasm can generate greater value for your business.

The approach

Once they are through the door, there a few tips on how to approach the candidate:

  • Honesty: acknowledging that they overqualified but giving them a chance to prove that they are the right person
  • Motivation: what is behind their decision of applying for the position and
  •  Managing expectations: being clear about opportunities and future progression.

All in all, don’t judge a book by its cover!