Meet Tom

He is our Senior Consultant who is currently running the Temporary Desk like magic.

His best quality is always having a big smile on his face even when the sky is falling (not that it can actually happen!).

When Tom was a kid, he used to play football with his school friends, and was part of a  team called Westland Wizards.

Tom loves Pizza, but he is trying to be healthy and only having it once a week.

He enjoys catching up with friends, watching rugby and football.  He is a keen traveller and one of Tom’s favourite trips has been Budapest. He is looking forward to visiting Portugal and Turkey in the New Year! (Be sure to send him any recommendations of things to do if you have been before!)

Tom has 1 sister and 2 brothers, he also had a dog called Meg (we asked him what breed    she was, but he couldn’t remember, so we are thinking she was a very mixed breed, maybe one of a kind!)

If you need anything, please feel free to give him a shout! (Just not too loud)