How I went from being a Dental Nurse to Recruitment consultant

28 May 14:00 by Shayshah


Shayshah – Senior Recruitment Consultant, DRN

Shayshah’s story is a classic example at DRN of how a former Dental Nurse has a made the successful leap from Dental Nurse to Recruitment consultant. In the space of a year she has successfully progressed onto become a senior consultant. Shayshah shares her story:

Tell us about your background as a Dental Nurse?

I studied and trained as a Dental Nurse at the Eastman Dental Hospital in 2008 where I continued to work there until 2011. In my time there I rotated through different departments which consisted of Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Paediatrics and Oral survey.

I later went onto work in a specialist mixed practice working as an implant and surgical nurse. I was assisting with surgical procedures such as implant placement, bone grafts, bone expansion, sinus grafts and general oral surgery.

From here I progressed into a private specialist practice in Harley Street where I assisted with restorative and surgical treatments and worked my way up to Head nurse. I also co-ordinated and ran courses for the practice.

Why a career in recruitment?

I had been working as a dental nurse for 10 years and felt like I needed a new challenge.

My favourite part of Dental nursing had was always been meeting new patients and I was always thinking of ways I could translate that into furthering my career.

I came into DRNs offices for registration as I was looking for a Practice Manager role. By chance, I was speaking to DRNs consultant Maria and the conversation swiftly moved onto me working in Recruitment. Like myself, Maria came from Dental Nursing background and successfully moved into a career in Recruitment.

Working around Harley street I was always impressed with DRNs company values and reputation. Combining my love of meeting new people and dental knowledge, I felt that moving into recruitment would be a winning competition.

After going through a 3 stage interview process I was offered a position as a Recruitment consultant. I was very excited about the new challenge.

How did you find the transition from Nursing to Recruitment?

I must admit it was quiet daunting at first, I was used to working in a clinical setting, now how I had my own desk and was in charge of my own candidates and clients.

There is a massive misconception that all recruitment consultants do is forward CVs. There is so much more to process which includes; sourcing candidates from the leading CV databases, advertising on the most widely respected jobs boards, market on social media, searching DRNs internal database, interviewing and shortlist candidates, and finally presenting shortlisted candidates to clients.

What do you enjoy most about Recruitment?

What I love about recruitment is your results are purely down to you. It is very satisfying to see all your hard work pay off.

When you have someone screaming with joy down the phone because you found them the right job is the best feeling ever.

I also love the broader view you get over the Dental sector and building relationships with both clients and candidates.

What is the most challenging aspect of Recruitment?

Definitely the rollercoaster of emotions, one minute you can be on top of the world where all your hard work is paying off, the next everything seems to go wrong at once. The key is not to let this get to you and accept it is the nature of the job. Thankfully there are more highs than lows.

Would you recommend a career in Recruitment to a Dental nurse?

Yes, I would definitely recommend a career in Recruitment to a Dental Nurse. Firstly, with industry knowledge you are already half way there. You just need to understand how the recruitment process works.

DRN has a really good training program which involves weekly workshops and training. It also sponsors consultants to work towards professional exams with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

Ever since I took the plunge I haven’t looked back.